We need to give a special shout out to our sponsors. They help make the work we do possible. In 2020 we were able to grow more food, do educational farm tours and launch a healing garden yoga workshop.

RRSC operates and advocates on the belief that poverty, food insecurity, inequality, health and community are all interconnected. We offer services and programs that challenge the stigmas surrounding poverty and allow our participants to maintain their dignity by providing a basic need, food security.

When basic needs are met a community can excel. Our sponsors help us fill the most important need.

With the support of our sponsors, we delivered food to home bound residents. We had groups come through and pick their own food. Our Vlog and online presence grew. Our impact in the community continues to spread. Thank you for helping make our mission possible!

Our sponsors support means the world to us. We appreciate you!CommerceRH&JF 

Arts and Healing Initiative

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