Give light and people will find the way~Ella Baker

IT'S That time AGAIn!!!

Aerial Tour - 2022

Sound Healing

Sound Healing Twice a Month in the Yurt

Benefits of sound healing include: Improved mood or sense of calm, tranquility or relaxation. Alleviation of stress or anxiety. Relief from physical pain, ailments or tension in the body. Improved mental focus or clarity of thought. Did you know that sound can be used for healing? It’s true! If you’re looking for a way to relax and de-stress, sound healing may be the answer for you. Given that everything, including ourselves, has a vibrational frequency, it’s only natural that sound frequencies influence our emotions. Sound healing is a type of therapy that uses sound vibrations to improve your health and well-being.

Rustic Roots Sanctuary Energy Guidelines

At Rustic Roots Sanctuary we ask that all visitors enter the space with the energy of gratitude for the land and those who are working to maintain and uphold the values of Rustic Root Sanctuary on the land.

We ask that while at markets or events hosted at Rustic Roots Sanctuary that empathy, compassion and patience is shown to all our vendors and volunteers. 

Though some may be used to seeing farms and or owning land, we ask that you acknowledge and honor the fact that many people of color who visit Rustic Roots Sanctuary are experiencing a farm for the very first time. 

Our goal is to make sure that each visit to the farm is a healing and holistic experience for all our visitors! So please be conscious of your kindness when you choose to visit our farm.


Create a sustainable retreat in Spanish Lake. Influence, mentor and support growers in communities all over St Louis leading to greater food access. Creating holistic health, wellness and healing for individuals and communities while teaching sustainable agriculture.  Create food equity, heal trauma through nature, while simultaneously healing the planet.


Create access to fresh, organic, locally grown food in Promise zones. Teach sustainability through agricultural education and career development. Help heal individuals and communities through holistic health, and put power in the hands of local farmers and communities.

Please visit our calendar page to see what events we have planned this year. We have some amazing new programs  and our annual festivals and celebrations. Please stay connected for all the opportunities to experience and contribute to our community!

Rustic Roots Sanctuary is the perfect place to hold your next retreat, leadership workshop or farm to table event. Contact us to reserve the space.