“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”

~John Muir

Rustic Roots Sanctuary is a sustainable farm in Spanish Lake with an organic community garden growing organic, local, whole foods.

Upcoming Events

Sustainable Backyard Tour
Sustainable Backyard Tour

Next year we will be one of the hosts of The Sustainable Backyard Tour. It is a self-guided tour of private backyards and gardens throughout the region on Sunday, June 2021.

Good Food Movement
Good Food Movement

Enjoy a peaceful walk in the garden. See what's growing on our sustainable farm. Hear from your local farmers. Chef Rusan will prepare food a beautiful meal. Take in all the wonderful aromas and relax.

Take in the Sunset

Come by and enjoy an amazing sunset. We will be serving fresh mint tea through the summer

Upcoming Tours

We are open for tours and volunteer days Tuesday, Friday & Sunday from 9AM-1PM.

We will also be a host at the Sustainable Backyard Tour 2021.

Goat Herd