Lessons from the Hive

In 2019 Rustic Roots Sanctuary acquired their first bee hive from a captured swarm. A community member generously donated the bees to our community garden. From there a deep love for beekeeping began. The second year 1 hive became 2. Our mission to teach agriculture led us to help others learn about these wonderful creatures. The department of agriculture considers bees livestock. At Rustic Roots Sanctuary we believe lessons from the hive are life lessons we can all grow from. 

We teamed up with sponsors to offer an enriching program revolving around bees. Grants allowed us to expand our apiary, teach more people beekeeping and produce the finest honey! We have been told several times our honey is the BEST our community has ever tasted. 

Like everything at Rustic Roots Sanctuary the love we put in is the love you can taste in our food. We invite you to keep your eye out for notices of classes and workshops around beekeeping.

Rustic Roots Sanctuary Beekeeping Mentorship Program

We have one opening in our program!