Why Community Garden?

Hard work

Reasons to Join:

~ Camaraderie! Just about every gardener enjoys picking the season’s first pepper, watching a young tomato ripen, and plucking potatoes from the ground.

~ Community gardens create a sense of ownership and stewardship, while fostering community identity and spirit. Bonding over a season’s bounty can be very
socially gratifying.

~ Having fresh produce! “Homegrown” food also saves money, and you can grow crops that may not otherwise be available locally

~ Gardening alongside other enthusiasts offers learning opportunities—whether it’s being introduced to an unfamiliar veggie or an alternative staking technique, exchanging tips and tricks in the garden enhances the growing experience.

~ Working in a community garden is also likely to expose you to a diverse group of people and possibly new customs and recipes—and for the gardener-chef, this can be great fun!

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