Sustainable Farm

Rustic Roots Sanctuary is a sustainable farm in Spanish Lake. GROW Spanish Lake is an organic community garden nestled in front of the property.

Our Mission

To promote health and healing through organic, local, whole foods while reconnecting people with nature, and bringing community together.

Combining a community garden and a sustainable retreat creates an amazing opportunity to learn, connect with nature and as a result we GROW!

GROW Spanish Lake is a Gateway Greening member organic community garden on a sustainable farm in Spanish Lake. Established in March 2019, organic food was grown for 30 + community members. The garden was built on a problem property condemned by the county in 2018.

Rabbits, Goats, Chickens and a bees live on the sustainable farm. These partners help us compost, fertilize and pollinate the garden. As a result a symbiotic relationship between the animals and the land is created.

The garden has 24 beds and several places were food is grown directly in ground. There is also a small pond, fire ring, 3 picnic tables and a sustainable farm stand. There are 2 huge hugelkultur mounds about 80 feet long that grow native plants, wild flowers and sunflowers.

It is a wonderful example of what can be accomplished when a community comes together with a unified goal. Come GROW with us!

Rustic Roots Sanctuary Goats
On our sustainable farm Goats help us clear the land and fertilize our food. They also provide delicious fresh milk!

Extraordinary Experiences

Enjoy wildlife and our domestic partners. Our sustainable farm animals are people friendly and love visitors (especially when you bring a handful of greens).

Disconnect from the daily stresses and relax in a natural setting. When you connect with nature, you relax, this keeps you centered and grounded.

Our Core Values

Living in alignment with nature is good for you and the planet.

  • Teaching people to grow food provides valuable life skills
  • Eating fresh organic produce is better for the body
  • Nature is healing.