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It’s Time to Taste True Food

We offer fresh organically grown produce. After you taste a farm fresh tomato it’s hard to go back to grocery store tomatoes. By the time produce gets to the grocery store it’s most likely traveled miles and been stored in a warehouse for long periods of time. Once you start eating real organic food you will taste an incredible difference. The good news is you can learn to grow your own organic food.

Fresh Food
Fresh organic produce
Senior Outreach Program

If you or someone you love is a senior living in the Spanish Lake area we can deliver a bag of fresh produce to your door step. The contents will be based on what’s available but through the summer we usually have fresh farm eggs, tomatoes, okra, peppers and herbs. This is a way we can play a part in creating food stability in the area. The amounts and schedule will be dictated by the harvests. Call us to sign up for the program.

Canning Classes

Our classes will teach you what to do with all the organic food you grow. Canning and fermenting is easy and it’s a way to enjoy your homegrown food year round!

Organic Green Tomato Salsa
What do you do with all those tomatoes on the vine when you know its about to freeze?
Rent the Garden

Are you looking for the perfect place to host your next gathering? Want to incorporate organic food? If a lovely outdoor backdrop appeals to your senses then rent our garden. There are 3 picnic tables, a fire pit, solar lighting and a beautiful pond. Soon we will be adding a giant pergola.

Garden at night
Lavender Cottage Rental

Escape to our little rustic cabin. Enjoy a complete escape to our sustainable farm. Take in the sites, get loved up by our friendly farm animals and enjoy the sounds of birds chirping all around you. 

Inside the cabin you will find a Roku TV, full sized bed, electric fire place, small cooking counter with coffee pot, griddle toaster microwave and mini fridge. Order farm fresh items to stock as available.

Lavender Cottage
Lavender Cottage
Enchanted Forest

Take a quiet meditative walk through the enchanted forest. Snack on organic food It’s a lovely little forest that sits in the back corner of the retreat. It the perfect place to meditate completely surround by nature.

Why Escape to Spanish Lake?

It feels like you are on a vacation. Life slows down and you can experience being completely immersed in nature.

  • Experience: Freedom from modern day stresses
  • Rejuvenate: Through reconnecting with nature
  • Enjoy: The simplicity of life at the Sanctuary

What you will get

  • Private Cottage: Rustic tiny house with all the comforts
  • Visit: a horse ranch down the street
  • Zoo Expansion: Spend a day at the St Louis Zoo Expansion(coming soon)

All donations help us overcome the food scarcity issue in our local area. We are on a mission to feed the people and supply access to fresh, healthy, organic produce. Teaching others to grow and prepare healthy organic food is good for the body, mind and planet!